Lab retreat in Barcelona

From May 27-29, we spent our annual lab retreat in Barcelona. Besides enjoying the sea, Barcelona’s beautiful architecture, delicious food and impressive Sagrada Familia, we also met with the labs of Miki Ebisuya, James Sharpe and Vikas Trivedia (EMBL) to discuss tissue formation and self-organisation as well as with the lab of Xavier Trepat (IBEC) to discuss tissue mechanics. We returned with our skin lightly tanned and hour heads full of new ideas and impressions. Thank you very much to Miki, James, Vikas and Xavier for their hospitality!

Bruno Speck award ceremony

Denise and Urs gave a talk on their recently by Nature accepted story on symmetry breaking in intestinal in at the annual Basel Stem Cell Network meeting where they also received the Bruno Speck award for the best paper in basic research of the Basel Stem Cell community. Congrats, well done!

Our first paper got accepted

Years of hard work and dedication payed off by the acceptance of Denise’s, Urs’ and Andrea’s paper on symmetry breaking in intestinal organoids by Nature. To celebrate this memorable moment - which also marks the first paper of the lab - we ‘decorated’ Prisca’s office and surprised her with a shower of confetti. Nobody can say that the Liberali lab does not know how to celebrate ;) Congrats to everyone who was involved in this very exciting project!

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Farewell dinner for Aline

End of February, we had to say goodbye to Aline, member of the Liberali lab from the first day. In order to celebrate the time spent together, Prisca invited everyone for a dinner at her place. There, we could walk down memory lane while enjoying country-specific food that everyone brought. Aline, we wish you all the best for your future endeavours!


FMI Annual Meeting 2019

This year’s FMI Annual Meeting took us to beautiful and snowy Pontresina, Switzerland. The program was filled with exciting talks from our colleagues, including one from Denise, and the keynote speaker, Elly Tanaka from IMP, Vienna. Traditionally, we also enjoyed scenic hikes in the Swiss Mountains and a Gala dinner with the infamous follies, this year spiced up by a performance of the junior group leaders including Prisca.

Lab fun day

To let our muscles work instead of our brain for a change, we challenged our abilities in a climbing garden. Some of us for sure had talent and passed the lanes with flying colours. This exciting day was finished with cool, refreshing beers.